Sunday December 30, 2018

NYPD Deploying Drone for First Time to Secure New Year's Party

This week’s New Year’s Eve celebration and ball drop in Times Square will be just as noisy, cramped, and packed with security like all others, but the NYPD is introducing new toys to boost the latter, which includes a camera-equipped drone to supplement traditional surveillance tools. The FBI will also be present with new "counter-drone technology" that can block other devices from the area.

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In a first, the department will also be deploying its own drone to add another camera to the sky, augmenting the NYPD's helicopter fleet. The drone will be tethered to the ground and will have an area cordoned off below it to protect revelers in the event of a malfunction. The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force will also be on hand with counter-drone technology, authorities said. The extraordinary security measures include welding shut manhole covers and embedding officers inside area hotels.