Saturday December 29, 2018

Gran Turismo's Developers Are Working on Their Own Real-Time Ray-Tracing Tech

At this month’s SIGGRAPH Asia 2018, Gran Turismo developers Polyphony Digital introduced a new, real-time ray-tracing tech that was created entirely in-house. The most recent title in the franchise, Gran Turismo Sport, teased the benefits of ray tracing with vehicle reflections, but Polyphony’s latest undertaking is expected to do that better, and in real time. Some say this alludes to the potential power of the PlayStation 5.

Polyphony hasn’t confirmed what they plan to use this tech for, simply saying they’re "still exploring […] the possibilities" but it seems fair to assume real-time ray tracing will be included in the next iteration of Gran Turismo. If that’s the case, what might that say about the makeup of the PS5? The PS4 is powered by AMD tech and most have assumed the PS5 will be, too. Of course, AMD have indicated they’re planning to go head to head with NVIDIA on ray tracing in 2019, so let’s not jump to any wild "RTX-powered PS5!" conclusions.