Sunday December 23, 2018

PlayStation Classic Has Already Drastically Dropped in Price Following Middling Sales

Sales data out of Amazon and Japan suggest that Sony’s PlayStation Classic is a flop: the console’s MSRP has already been reduced by 30% at the former, while its first-week numbers in the Land of the Rising Sun have been very disappointing (120,000 vs. SNES Classic’s 369,000). Interestingly, PlayStation games appear to run better on SNES Classic than on PS Classic.

Outside of the sales data, there is more than enough bad news being handed to the PlayStation Classic. There was a surprisingly easy way to access the game’s emulator settings, which YouTubers discovered in the first few days. Many critics (including DualShockers) weighed in on the mediocrity of the line-up, and even offered a quick guide on how to build a better lineup of classics under budget with more games using your PlayStation Vita.