Sunday December 23, 2018

First Gaming Benchmarks Revealed for the NVIDIA Titan RTX

JayzTwoCents benchmarked the Titan RTX earlier this week to see how it compared to the 2080 Ti and found it only provided an average improvement of 10 FPS in 4K, leading credence to those who say the price difference isn’t at all justifiable. This sentiment was echoed by Gamers Nexus last night after Steve Burke published his findings and proclaimed "this isn’t a worthwhile purchase for gaming or enthusiast users." Linux fans may check out Phoronix for Michael Larabel’s take, who was more positive and noted there were "no driver issues to report."

As we can see, the Titan RTX is faster than the RTX2080Ti by around 10 FPS in 4K on average and let me tell you that this performance boost does not justify the enormous price difference between the RTX 2080 Ti and the Titan RTX. I mean, the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is already considered an overpriced GPU, so I can’t see anyone getting the Titan RTX -- at $2500 -- just to use it for gaming. Yes, it can play games, but there is no reason at all for PC gamers to invest on it, even when the money is no object.