Saturday December 22, 2018

Bethesda Is Giving Away Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics to Fallout 76 Players

Bethesda is celebrating the holidays by gifting a free copy of the Fallout Classic Collection to anyone who logged into Fallout 76 this year. The compilation comprises the titles that started it all: Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics, which were developed by Interplay, Black Isle Studios, and Micro Forte, respectively. Both PC and console players will be able to claim their prize next month.

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This Fallout Classic Collection is only available on PC, but the promotion isn't limited to PC players. So those on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 who played Fallout 76 this year can also dust off a computer they have laying around to try out these RPGs from the 90s and early 2000s. They may need some tinkering on modern systems for a smooth experience, however.