Tuesday December 18, 2018

Kiwibot Self Destructs in Spectacular Fashion on the UC Berkeley Campus

A Kiwibot food delivery robot has self-destructed on the UC Berkeley campus as onlookers expressed grief for the meal that could have been (Warning language in the video). Sasha Latsenia, head of product at Kiwi explained that the robot was accidentally outfitted with a defective battery during maintenance. This caused the idling robot to begin smoldering, which "eventually leading to some smoke and minor flames."

Kiwi pulled its entire fleet of robots until it discovered the root cause of the issue and went the further step of upgrading the battery monitoring software to make sure the issue doesn't arise again. UC Berkeley students considered the fallen robot to be a "hero and a legend" to the community, as its sudden thermal runaway and subsequent self-immolation, symbolized the stress that students were under during finals week. Thanks @The Mad Atheist !

While the KiwiBot may have been scorched, Iatsenia assured The Daily Californian that it was not delivering a meal when it caught fire -- no one saw their order lost.