Wednesday December 12, 2018

Ace Combat 7 Multiplayer Gameplay Revealed

As Ace Combat 7's release approaches, more and more gameplay is starting to come out. We've already seen snippets of several singleplayer missions, but Shacknews managed to play first 15 minutes of the campaign, as well as try a few sessions of the multiplayer mode. Interestingly, the game has both FFA and team deathmatch modes, with up to 8 players each, and the footage from matches looks pretty intense. Unfortunately, Bandai Namco didn't allow the reviewers to directly capture in-game footage, but you can still check out a video of the multiplayer mode here, or watch the 15 minutes of singleplayer gameplay below:

While the AI pilots in story mode can be predictable enough when trying to lock on and blast them with a missile, but human opponents are a whole other creature altogether. The 8-player frenzy is a constant ballet of trying to avoid being locked onto by an enemy missile while hoping you can keep up with your own target. Fortunately, a kill isn't necessary to accrue points. Getting any sort of hit whether its a couple of bullets to a chassis or a direct hit with a missile will help players get on the scoreboard...Team deathmatch is a whole other ballgame compared to free for all. Having three other players who can bait an opponent into chasing them down or help you shake someone off your tail isn't as frantic as going solo, instead, it relies on more on strategy and communication with your team. Working with a capable team definitely helped beef up my overall rank post-match.