Tuesday December 11, 2018

Infinity Blade Removed from iOS App Store

In a surprise move, Epic Games announced that they are removing all three Infinity Blade games from the iOS App Store. The games have long been a staple of the App Store's gaming section, and both Apple and Epic frequently used the series to show off advances in mobile hardware and Unreal Engine. Epic Games claims that "it has become increasingly difficult for our team to support the Infinity Blade series at a level that meets our standards," while noting that existing owners will still be able to play, and that a big update is still coming to Infinity Blade III. While the loss of Infinity Blade isn't exactly Earth shattering, Touch Arcade notes that this says a lot about the state of Apple's App Store as a gaming platform.

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Epic is on top of the world right now, and it being "increasingly difficult" to support likely has everything to do with the dismal state of premium games on the App Store in 2018 and it just not being worth Epic's while to continue supporting the Infinity Blade trilogy. Just let that sink in for a minute. The game company that has the biggest hit in the world, and is raking in so much cash that they're even opening their own online game distribution platform for developers with absurdly generous terms can't make sense out of continuing to maintain their mobile games. Their mobile games which have been extensively featured by Apple at every possible opportunity and were effectively platform-defining when they were released are now ... increasingly difficult to support. What in the hell.