Sunday December 09, 2018

Intel Is "Very Pleased" with the Progress of Its 7nm Process

Speaking in an investor call last week, Intel Chief Engineering Officer Murthy Renduchintala seemed enthusiastic about where his company was at regarding its 7nm process technology, which will utilize EUV. Renduchintala noted that he was "very pleased with our progress on 7" and suggested the parts would be out "according to our original internal plans."

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One thing I will say is that as you look at 7-nanometer, for us this is really now a point in time where we will get EUV back into the manufacturing matrix, and therefore, I think, that will give us a degree of back to the traditional Moore’s Law cadence that we were really talking about. 14 and 10 were really about double patterning and quad patterning in the absence of EUV.