Saturday December 08, 2018

Denuvo Fails Again: Just Cause 4 Cracked in Just a Day

The latest version of Denuvo’s anti-tamper tech doesn’t appear to have much of a shelf life: Just Cause 4, which uses version 5.3, has been cracked in just one day. This isn’t much of a surprise, as Hitman 2 used the same software and was cracked in similarly quick fashion. Adding insult to injury, TorrentFreak notes that the game isn’t doing so well critically either, based on its Steam (5/10) and a Metacritic (75/100) scores.

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These are undoubtedly tough times for Denuvo, but it would be premature to count out the technology just yet. There can be little doubt that its high-profile has presented a challenge that’s being relished by cracking groups, who seem prepared to invest significant resources into undermining its work. A turnaround is still possible, but protecting a title for just a day just isn’t enough, even by the company’s shortening expectations.