Thursday December 06, 2018

Nvidia Hardware Powers an Underwater Drone

Think you're safe from drones when you jump in the water? Well, thanks to Nvidia and a startup called Notilo Plus, you aren't safe anymore. Using a 7.5W Nvidia Jetson TX2, the startup has created an underwater drone that can operate autonomously. "iBubble" can follow divers around, film them or their surroundings, and be remotely ordered around via a remote control. On their site, Nvidia claims the drone uses data from camera feeds to avoid obstacles, follow routes, and more. The commercial counterpart, Seasam, can also " find and inspect areas needing repair on vessels." Check out iBubble's promo video below

The detection and classification systems used are trained on data available on Notilo Plus' cloud platform. As the number of iBubble users increases, the more underwater data will be collected. Over time, the company plans to build specialized underwater AI datasets and train its deep neural networks specifically on them - increasing the accuracy of iBubble further.