Monday December 03, 2018

Seagate Debuts First 16TB Hard Drive

Seagate claims its has produced and tested "the world's first formatted and fully functioning 16TB enterprise hard drive platform in a standard 3.5-inch form factor." The new drive uses Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording technology to achieve that density, but the company says it operates just like a conventional drive. Unlike recent 14TB offerings, this technology is aimed squarely at the enterprise market, and there's no telling when it will trickle down to consumer drives. Check out Seagate's video on HAMR technology below:

HAMR uses a new kind of media magnetic technology on each disk that allows data bits, or grains, to become smaller and more densely packed than ever, while remaining magnetically stable. A small laser diode attached to each recording head heats a tiny spot on the disk, which enables the recording head to flip the magnetic polarity of each very stable bit, enabling data to be written. Seagate’s proprietary execution of HAMR technology will be delivered in the industry’s standard form factor, thus reducing total cost of ownership by getting a lot more terabytes (TB) into the same space as a conventional hard drive.