Monday December 03, 2018

Intel Demonstrates MESO Logic Device as Alternative to CMOS

Working with researchers at Berkeley, Intel has "invented" a magneto-electric spin-orbit device that could theoretically operate 10-30 times more efficiently than today's consumer electronics. While Intel doesn't directly comment on the rapidly approaching limits of CMOS scaling in their press release, they do say they're working on technology "that will emerge in the next decade for the beyond-CMOS era." In an interview, Ramamoorthy Ramesh, a scientist at Berkeley Lab, said the new technology "will take a decade," and noted that the proposed devices could operate at about 0.1V.

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"MESO is a device built with room temperature quantum materials," said Sasikanth Manipatruni, senior staff scientist and director of Intel Science and Technology Center on Functional Electronics Integration and Manufacturing. "It is an example of what is possible, and hopefully triggers innovation across industry, academia and the national labs. A number of critical materials and techniques are yet to be developed to allow the new type of computing devices and architectures."