Sunday December 02, 2018

Steam Gives Successful Developers a Larger Cut of Game Revenue

As a way of persuading bigger developers and publishers to remain on its platform, Valve has introduced a new distribution agreement that results in bigger payouts for the most successful, best-selling titles. Games that make over $10M will now get a 75% cut instead of the usual 70%, while $50M+ titles will get 80%. "The revenue changes won't please indie game makers."

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Valve has also loosened its control over sales data. Creators now have explicit permission to share their sales info with others "as they see fit," whether it's with other companies or the public. While there have certainly been other ways to find out whether or not a game is a hit, this could eliminate some of the guesswork. The new agreement also includes some basic GDPR compliance info and has required some basic safety warranties for VR games.