Friday November 30, 2018

Introducing the NVIDIA Control Panel Windows Store App

I contacted Mr. Bryan Del Rizzo over at NVIDIA and inquired about the new DCH drivers in the latest NVIDIA GeForce Hot Fix driver version 417.21. He was kind enough to send some information over about Universal Windows drivers, the NVIDIA Control Panel app in the Windows Store and instructions for the proper usage of the NVIDIA Control Panel app. The DCH designation stands for:

Declarative ("D"): Install the driver using only declarative INF directives and do not include any co-installers, RegisterDlls, etc.

Componentized ("C"): Edition-specific, OEM-specific and optional customizations to the driver are separate from the base driver package, so that the base driver, which provides only core device functionality, can be targeted, flighted and serviced independently from the customizations.

Hardware Support Apps ("H"): Any user interface (UI) component associated with a universal driver must be packaged as a Hardware Support App (HSA) or preinstalled on the OEM device. An HSA is an optional device-specific app that is paired with a driver.

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For the enthusiasts that peruse Hardocp and Hardforum, the Standard drivers are what we want. If you have a PC that comes with the NVIDIA Control Panel app installed from the Windows Store, then you would want to use the Universal Windows "DCH" drivers. Thank you Mr. Bryan Del Rizzo over at NVIDIA for taking the time to answer my questions.