Friday November 23, 2018

Gamers Nexus Reviews the Walmart Gaming PC

Walmart released their "Overpowered" lineup of gaming PCs late last month, and Gamers Nexus decided to get their hands on one for some testing. Walmart has a reputation for being cheap, and however bad you might think a $2100 Walmart PC would be... well, it might actually be worse. For starters, Walmart sent Gamers Nexus the wrong model, something many buyers might not even notice. The power supply, motherboard, heatsink and fans are all bottom barrel, even though the rig is much more expensive that rough equivalents from the competition. And that's just where the problems start. Check out the written review on the site, or the full one in the video below:

It's hard to know where to start; undoubtedly, this is also the feeling that Walmart's PC builders had when they opted to hot glue the USB3.0 header into the motherboard. Or perhaps they felt more confusion when faced with the decision of routing the cables, whereupon hands were thrown up and wires were used to ensnare the video card to the PCIe socket. Actually, maybe it makes more sense to start with the case, whose fans have literally 2mm of clearance for air intake.