Friday November 23, 2018

Fallout 76 Bug Made a Player Effectively Immortal

A bug in Fallout 76 allegedly has the Reddit user Brogadyn stuck in "permanent godmode." According to the player's post, killzones, ghoul swarms, and nukes straight to the face can't kill the player. Fortunately, the bug doesn't appear to be widespread, and Brogadyn has reportedly avoided exploiting the glitch, but the player was frustrated by Bethesda's relative cookie cutter email response to the issue. A Bethesda employee did responded to the issue on Reddit about a day ago, but only after it blew up and hit the FO76 subreddit's front page. This is definitely a strange bug as far as MMOs go, but bizarre, frustrating and hilarious edge cases like this are pretty much par in Bethesda's previous single player RPGs.

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I've had to limit myself to more boring activities because I do not want my exploration, or the PvP aspect ruined by my godmode, and the annoying thing is that at some point i'm just going to have to not care if they cannot fix it - my character is currently nearly level 100, and just hit the cap limit - so what the heck am I supposed to do besides actually starting to make all content in the game trivial? I'm really frustrated and I have no idea what i'm supposed to do - it seems that they can't even slay my character for me, or at least didn't mention that even though that's practically what was I begging for in the ticket - but i'm unsure if it was a person replying, or simply some automated answer. I'm just writing this because i'm frustrated, and I really have no clue on how to fix the issue to allow myself to progress again both gear wise, and story wise. Some of the given mutations right now are twisted muscles / talons - so my actual spec of rifles is somewhat nerfed when I cannot cure these ever so i've just been running around melee smacking things without any melee perks since Friday, which isn't necessarily fun anymore.