Tuesday November 20, 2018

Samsung to Release a Galaxy S Smartphone with Six Cameras and 5G Connectivity

According to anonymous sources that spoke to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is ready to celebrate its 10th anniversary of premium Galaxy phones by revitalizing the smartphone market with a new lineup of Galaxy S phones. The flagship Galaxy S10 "Beyond X" smartphone will feature a 6.7" screen, 5G connectivity, and six cameras; 4 on the back and 2 on the front. Lesser models will feature screens sizes from 5.4" to 6.4" and 3 to 5 cameras in total, but 5G network speeds are not planned at this time. Some phones will have "reverse wireless charging" which would allow Samsung phones to recharge other devices by placing them together.

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Separately, Samsung is also set to release early next year its first ever foldable-screen device, which opens like a book and boasts a 7.3-inch display. Internally, Samsung executives are debating the foldable phone's name, with "Samsung Flex" and the "Galaxy Flex" emerging as two candidates, though the decision is far from final, according to a person familiar with the matter. The timing, design and phone features for all the devices could change since decisions are still being finalized, according to people familiar with the matter.