Tuesday November 20, 2018

NVIDIA Gives the Bird to All RTX Early Adopters

This will assuredly be seen as a big "FU" from NVIDIA to all people that have purchased RTX cards before today. If you buy a RTX card today, you will now get Battlefield 5 for free. If you went out on a limb and were an early adopter of one or more of NVIDIA's RTX cards, you get nothing, except maybe an RMA when your RTX 2080 Ti FE card fails. Thanks for making us folks that have spent thousands of dollars on your RTX video cards already feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

As pointed out by @jmilcher, we did get free Space Invaders. So there's that...

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Game code offer good beginning November 20, 2018 through January 7, 2019 or while supplies last. Offer good for one digital download code (Battlefield V).