Sunday November 18, 2018

GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Now De-listed on NVIDIA's Online Store

As we mentioned last week, RTX 2080 Ti GPUs were going missing. AIBs in China were having issues getting hold of any new 2080 Ti GPUs to build more boards, and this has brought RTX 2080 Ti manufacturing to a standstill.

Now the RTX 2080 Ti drama thickens: it seems that NVIDIA has stopped offering the GPU for sale on its official site. While the product page is still up, the part is nowhere to be found on its web store; prospective buyers cannot even sign up for stock notifications. Some say this isn’t peculiar and that the item has always been inconsistently shown on the store, but eTeknix suggests this is a clear sign the 2080 Ti problem is bigger than NVIDIA would like to admit.

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The fact that it is now de-listed on the web store suggests that this is a bigger problem. Bigger than what NVIDIA would like to admit. If it is indeed only a few "early test escapes" that are faulty, then why de-list the line entirely? Especially if there are new variants ready to replace them, or even new non-faulty variants on the way. If something is wrong with the GPU itself, it is NVIDIA’s responsibility to admit it to consumers instead of trying to hide the issue.