Saturday November 17, 2018

NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti Failures: Gamers Nexus Rules Out "Thermals, Firmware, Windows"

Gamers Nexus has published what appears to be the last article in its series of RTX 2080 Ti investigations. According to Steve’s testing, "thermals were not the issue with these cards," nor was firmware, as artifacting occurred even under newer revisions. The exact cause of failure remains a mystery, but engineers in the industry suggest it is a "board-level assembly" or "in-silicon" issue.

Speaking with some engineers in the industry, we’re left with an assumption that this is either a board-level assembly issue or an in-silicon issue. NVIDIA has noted that it is replacing any affected cards, so there’s that. The company described these units as "test escapes" and seems to think that the problem is fixed going forward. We have exceedingly high confidence that this is a hardware-level issue, but it does not appear to be an epidemic.