Thursday November 15, 2018

NVIDIA Help Hombres Hit Homerun with HardOCP

We have have done an awful lot of reporting about NVIDIA and its dying RTX cards lately, but there will be no complaining about this. We reached out to NVIDIA online chat support yesterday afternoon, and let them know that our RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition card had bit the dust. Support explained to me that the RMA department would follow up in 24 hours. Here we are less than 24 hours later and we just got a message from NVIDIA RMA.

News Image

NVIDIA has shipped a replacement card that will be here via FedEx in the morning before 10:30am. We also got verification of the shipment through FedEx as well. NVIDIA RMA also supplied a return label for our failed card, and we have 15 days to return it. Now that is what we call support for a $1200 video card. Did your RMA go as well?