Thursday November 15, 2018

C&C Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert are Getting Remasters

Following backlash against C&C Rivals, EA confirmed that some kind of PC Command and Conquer remaster was in the works last month, but the conformation was short on details. Yesterday, EA went into a little more detail on their website. Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Command & Conquer: Red Alert, along with all of the later game's DLC, are getting full remasters. To help make it happen, EA announced a partnership with Petroglyph Games, which "includes many of the original developers from Westwood Studios, and some of the most influential members of the original Command & Conquer development team from 1995." As promised in the Reddit announcement, neither remaster will ship with micro-transactions. EA is also partnering with Lemon Sky Studios, who worked on some of the art for the StarCraft remaster and a number of other high profile releases. While a release window isn't mentioned, EA notes that development hasn't even started yet, which means both games are probably a long way away.

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Joe Bostic is known as the co-creator of C&C, having also served as the Lead Programmer on Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert. Steve Tall joined Joe as a Lead Programmer on Red Alert, and Mike Legg contributed to all forms of audio systems at Westwood, having been an employee since 1986! All three members helped start Petroglyph Games in 2003 after the closure of Westwood and are joined by a veteran group of RTS developers from the past 15+ years. And don't think we haven't noticed the #1 request from the community in all the comments from the past month... You want Frank Klepacki. So as a cherry on top for the fans, we are thrilled to announce that Frank will be re-joining Petroglyph Games to be our Composer and Audio Director for the remaster collection!