Friday November 09, 2018

Loot Boxes Have Been Removed from Forza Motorsport 7

Loot boxes have been removed from Forza Motorsport 7. A new Race Shop feature has been added where players can purchase items like Driver Gear, Mod cards, and more with in-game credits. The items available to purchase will refresh every 6 minutes. The latest patch also changes how collisions work in the game and 50th anniversary Hot Wheels cars are now available. The Tier level rewards chart can be found here.

The removal of Prize Crates from Forza 7 means that we are making a necessary change to our Forza Loyalty Rewards program. Previously, new players earned prize crates depending on their Forza Rewards Tier. After the November update, new Forza Motorsport 7 players will earn Mod cards per Tier level.