Wednesday November 07, 2018

Samsung Announces Infinity Flex Displays for Foldable Smartphones

Samsung has revealed its new foldable smartphone technology at the 2018 Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco. The Infinity Flex Display allows the smartphone to open and close like a book. The phone reportedly weighs 200-grams and sports an 7.3-inch ultra thin display. The display on the smartphone can be folded hundreds of thousands of times so durability shouldn't be an issue.

There are a total of 2 screens on the phone as there is an external screen for when the phone is closed. Samsung and Google have customized the "One UI" on the Android phone so that it can run 3 tasks simultaneously like a tablet. All open work will seamlessly transition to the single screen when the phone is closed. The Korea Times says that the phone has an estimated price of 2 million won or $1,800.

You won't be able to buy Samsung's foldable phone today, unfortunately -- or this year, for that matter. Mum's the word on availability, but some reports prior to this week's announcement pegged early 2019 as the likely ship window for a consumer version. It could cost as much as $1,850 at release, according to the Korea Times.