Thursday November 01, 2018

Smartphone Manufacturers Are Ready to Embrace the Fold-able Phone

Five of the world's smartphone makers have been applying for patents related to fold-able smartphones. The reasoning behind this move is that many consumers don't see the need to upgrade to the newest model of smartphone nowadays, so manufacturers are afraid that sales will start to lag. Also the manufacturers see the need for larger displays as video, AR, and VR come to smartphones through new 5G wireless networks. These devices may come in many form factors such as continuous screens with a book-like hinge, two screens separated by an actual hinge, a collapsible device that folds into a "Z" shape, a billfold entry and more. GizChina has some images of a leaked Samsung W2019 flagship flip-phone.

Foldable phones require a display panel different from those found on most smartphones. While most smartphones use a type of liquid crystal display, or LCD, a folding device will likely use a more flexible active-matrix organic light-emitting diode, or AMOLED, display, industry analysts said. The technology, already used for the iPhone X and Samsung's Galaxy S phones, is more expensive than LCD. The material is also more difficult to source. Samsung's display-making division supplies 95% of smartphone AMOLED displays in use today, said IHS's Mr. Hong. And then there's the selling price. Although many shoppers no longer balk at $1,000 price tags for high-end smartphones, Mr. Hong expects the first generation of foldable devices to retail for almost double that.