Thursday November 01, 2018

Sea Sonic Adds Wooting Analog Keyboards to Its Product Lineup

Sea Sonic has signed an exclusive sales and distribution deal with Wooting, the company behind the most advanced analogue mechanical keyboard for the PC gaming market. The partnership between Sea Sonic and Wooting is the perfect fit as both companies believe in core values of innovation, performance and quality. The partnership will allow Wooting to have more visibility in international retail channels and access to Sea Sonic's dedicated marketing department. "We believe that by working with Wooting, the forerunner and the best company behind analogue input technology, Sea Sonic not only supports and invests in technology advancement, but also helps innovation reach a wider audience." - Vincent Chang, CEO of Sea Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd.

The Wooting one keyboard is the world's first analog keyboard. It uses Flaretech Prism optical mechanical key switches to allow gamers similar usability as a controller joystick, by recognizing how far each key is pressed down. The user gets full control over in-game movement; whether it is a slight change of direction in driving games or a gradual adjustment of movement speed in shooter games. The keyboard switches are hot-swappable and the actuation point is fully adjustable within the analog range of 1.5 mm-3.6 mm, unlike the fixed distance of 2 mm found on regular mechanical keyboards.

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"We feel excited to work together with Sea Sonic. Their global presence, experience and network will strengthen our weak areas as a small company. This allows us to place more focus on the future adaptations of analogue input technology, product experience and our awesome customers." - Calder Limmen, Co-founder and CEO of Wooting