Saturday October 27, 2018

The Human Cost of Red Dead Redemption 2

Following up on earlier allegations, Eurogamer has spoken to additional Rockstar staff who have experienced "extreme workload" at the developer’s studios, which include New York and Lincoln. Many of their stories double down on earlier reports, pointing to crunch time that has taken a toll on their health, relationships, and career ambitions. While not all staff have been subjected to significantly extended hours, increasing anecdotes suggest it is a real problem.

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"I know people who suffered breakdowns," one Rockstar North staff member told me. "We'd be told quietly those people had to go and they'd been taken ill and be off for three months. Some people, we'd hear later they wouldn't be coming back. There was a time you were always worried - what if you pushed it too far? I know someone on GTA5 who took a stroke aged 30-something. They went back to work after a while. It was brutal. That was the lifestyle."