Monday October 22, 2018

St John Ambulance WA Launches Virtual Reality Training for the Public

St John Ambulance WA has launched a virtual reality experience to teach people CPR, defibrillation, and putting an unconscious person on their side. Research has shown that educating the public on correct first aid procedures increases patient survival rates to 50% - 60% from 10%. It builds confidence in first aid givers and is suitable for children to learn proper life saving techniques. While physical classes will still be taught for certified ER personnel, the VR training is a very good substitute to teach the general public the techniques to save lives.

St John CEO Tony Ahern said the mobile and VR technology was a breakthrough in helping introduce more people to first aid. "This is truly ground-breaking technology that will allow more West Australians to develop or practice the skills needed to save a life," he said. "Our education pods are durable and mobile, meaning people can undertake training at their own pace, and at their workplace, school or public event," he said.