Monday October 22, 2018

The NVIDIA RTX 2080 Experience Signs RTX Off

Reddit user bllyxix has posted a benchmarking screenshot of his 4 day old Founder's Edition NVIDIA RTX 2080 running Space Invaders a benchmark. As you can clearly see through the 8 bit Tensor Core graphics; there is something awry with his card. It obviously looks like it is on life support or trapped in a snow globe. At any frame-rate the card was well on its way to Real-Time Ray Tracing heaven while riding 10 GigaRays, but NVIDIA RMA'd its soul back for replacement. Warning the larger image could cause snow blindness or sadness amongst tech enthusiasts. Ground control to Major Tom Petersen; is this the way it's meant to be played?

News Image

Nvidias own Founders Edition. I went through steps with Nvidia. They wanted me to check connections, try different cables, reset to default settings, run in debug mode...nothing helped and they agreed it is faulty. I have an RMA set up.