Sunday October 21, 2018

TSMC Expects 7nm Chips to Account for 20% of Its 2019 Revenues

With an increasing number of customers (e.g., Apple, Huawei, Qualcomm) relying on the new process, TSMC is forecasting 20% total share of 7nm chip sales in 2019. The CEO noted the foundry has more than fifty 7nm chip designs ready to be issued by the end of this year, and an enhanced version with EUV is in the pipeline for mass production in 2020.

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Analysts of the chip foundry market expect Qualcomm to switch from Samsung to the Taiwanese supplier for its next-gen Snapdragon 800 series systems. Other key clients TSMC expects to sign are AMD, NVIDIA, Xilinx, along with "a number of AI chip developers." Although the future looks bright, TSMC posted a revised revenue growth that went downward from 7-9% to 6.5% estimations due to the weakening of cryptocurrency mining demand.