Saturday October 20, 2018

DHS Seizes Aftermarket Apple Laptop Batteries from Independent Repair Expert

In the high-profile iPhone and Mac repair professional’s latest video, Louis Rossmann explains how US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) seized $1,000 worth of laptop batteries coming from China to his repair shop simply because they featured the Apple logo: "It is assumed that if something has that Apple logo on it, it must be counterfeit." According to Rossmann and other right-to-repair advocates who have had their property seized, this is a clear attack on independent repair by Apple and the government.

"If I become an Apple authorized service provider and I wish to obtain parts to a machine they consider vintage, Apple will say no," he said. "If I talk to somebody in China...they get taken by a company that’s using the power of the government to seize my stuff. Apple is working with the government to shut down those who mislead customers, aka trying to fix machines that they won’t fix because they consider them vintage after four or five years. Just around the time that your battery starts to die."