Friday October 19, 2018

Amazon Alexa Devices Now Have a Whisper Mode

Amazon has added a whisper mode to Alexa devices. Now you can whisper to your device and it will respond in kind. Here is an example of normal mode and whisper mode. I suggest that everyone try it with the "Sweet Talker" skill enabled. Or just command Alexa to "talk dirty to me."

If you're in a room where a child has just fallen asleep, and someone else walks in, you might start speaking in a whisper, to indicate that you're trying to keep the room quiet. The other person will probably start whispering, too. We would like Alexa to react to conversational cues in just such a natural, intuitive way, and toward that end, Amazon last week announced Alexa's new whisper mode, which will let Alexa-enabled devices respond to whispered speech by whispering back.