Wednesday October 10, 2018

Principled Technologies Deny Bias in Recent Intel vs. AMD Testing Controversy

Principled Technologies has issued a statement about the testing methodology that they employed for the commissioned Intel report. First they address the accusations of bias by stating that they have worked for AMD, Intel, HP, Dell, etc in the past. Then they addressed issues such as not matching CPU coolers during testing, using Game Mode on AMD Ryzen, memory speeds and why they used 4 sticks, XMP usage, resolution, quality settings, motherboards used, etc. Interesting read for those interested in how they arrived at their conclusions.

For almost 16 years, we have tested products for our clients because they trust our integrity. We have worked not just for any one company but for dozens of the leading technology firms, including rivals such as Intel and AMD, Microsoft and Google, Dell and HP, and many others. Those clients trust PT in part because our integrity and our technical knowledge are beyond reproach. We work hard to be the best in both of those areas. We chose our company name to emphasize our commitments to both technology and our principles. Before going further, we thus must categorically deny any dishonesty in our work on this project for Intel or in any of our other projects.