Friday October 05, 2018

Windows Store Downloads are Still Getting Stuck

VG247 says that some Forza Horizon 4 owners are struggling to download the Windows Store exclusive game. Apparently this isn't a new issue, as the author had problems trying to install Forza 7 and Gears of War 4 before, and claims that big downloads in general tend to stall on the Windows Store.

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A Forza staff member admitted it's a known issue with the store, and asked players to pause the download and reset store cache using the "WSRESET" command. This can sometimes be all you need to do, but the main issue is that most will need to restart these big downloads before they can find out if a fix they've been recommended actually works. The nuclear option in these cases is to reinstall Windows and fully update it before re-downloading the game, which obviously isn't ideal.