Friday September 28, 2018

Robot Cache Is Steam with Blockchain and Crypto

Robot Cache is a new digital video game storefront and platform that gives gamers an option to run their parent's electricity bills up in order to mine cryptocurrency that is used to purchase games. It uses blockchain technology to keep a track of the ownership of games on the service. This allows gullible gamers to trade games in for a pitiful 25% refund. Imagine a digital GameStop! If the gamer runs out of "real money," they can opt in to mine "virtual money," with their computers called "tokens." Mom's purse will eventually pay the electricity bill. Anyone ready to let their kids create "tokens" to buy video games by leaving their PC running overnight, mining cryptocurrency? 505 Games, inXile, Paradox, and THQ Nordic have been announced as publishing partners with many more to come.

Jacobson describes mining as a useful "hedge," though it's not hard to see the potential value should the platform achieve a large userbase. Jacobson is also keen to stress that the mining aspect of the client is strictly optional, and you have to opt in to start the mining process. "For those people who don't want to deal with it, maybe it's Johnny, he's 15 years old, maybe he has a limited amount of income and he wants to say 'in addition to selling my game I may want to supplement that with some dollars on my account and buy 6, 8, 10 games a year.' It's completely up to them, we don't care one way or the other. We back it all up with currency on our side so there's never a token that doesn't have a value."