Tuesday September 25, 2018

Total War: Rome II Developers Issue Statement on Criticisms of Female Generals Feature

As the "review bombing" of the strategy game Total War: Rome II continues on Steam, Creative Assembly has issued a statement meant to address criticisms of the game's portrayal of female generals and their historical relevancy. First they addressed the accusations that they increased the spawn rate of females available for recruitment in the game by stating, "There have been no changes to recruitable female general spawn rates, but with the addition of the family tree and the new gameplay options it brings, playable factions may gain more female family members via marriage. If a player has their male family members seek a wife and get married, more females enter the family. This means more female characters may appear as recruitable generals, but again, only in those factions where female characters may be recruited as generals." The developers go on to explain the spawn rate and which factions may have female generals based on their cultural differences.

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These percentage chances are moddable by players. We've not seen a verifiable bug where this is shown to be different or not working as intended. We have no plans to patch this out or remove this feature from the game.