Thursday September 20, 2018

Apple is Giving Users a Trust Score

Venture Beat reports that Apple is giving its users "trust scores" based on how they use their devices. The updated privacy policy says that calls and emails will be used to determine the score. An Apple correspondent told Venture Beat that the system is intended to fight iTunes fraud, and that the only data it receives is a numeric score.

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"To help identify and prevent fraud, information about how you use your device, including the approximate number of phone calls or emails you send and receive, will be used to compute a device trust score when you attempt a purchase. The submissions are designed so Apple cannot learn the real values on your device. The scores are stored for a fixed time on our servers." This provision is unusual for a few reasons, perhaps the least of which is that Apple TVs don't make phone calls or send emails. As such, it's unclear how Apple computes the device trust score for iTunes purchases made through Apple TVs, but there's other potential "information about how you use your device" that could be scraped and abstracted.