Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday September 15, 2018

Google Will Continue Hiding "WWW" but Not "M" in Chrome 70

Arguments for maintaining the "www" and "m" subdomains in Chrome’s omnibox have fallen on deaf ears, at least partially: a Chromium project member has advised that "www" will remain hidden by default in the next version of Chrome. "M," however, will not be elided (for at least a few releases) due to "large sites that have a user-controlled ‘m’ subdomain." While Google is asking for feedback, it is becoming pretty clear the conversation is one sided.

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We plan to initiate a public standardization discussion with the appropriate standards bodies to explicitly reserve "www" or m" as special case subdomains under-the-hood. We do not plan to standardize how browsers should treat these special cases in their UI. We plan to revisit the 'm' subdomain at a later date, after having an opportunity to discuss further with the community. Please leave feedback, or let us know about sites that have user-controlled subdomains at "www" or "m" in this bug.