Sunday September 09, 2018

Riot Games Employees Depart after Defending PAX West Event excluding Men

League of Legends developer Riot Games has fired at least one longtime employee for defending a PAX West event exclusive to women and "non-binary" people: systems designer Daniel Klein, who revealed he was terminated for "violating social policy," had evidently upset his employer by calling complainants on r/leagueoflegends "manbabies" and comparing the subreddit to a "toxic landfill." Communications associate Mattias Lehman is also out for having similar views.

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Riot received major backlash for making some events open only to women and non-binary people, barring men from attending. Male viewers could still rewatch the panels from Riot’s Instagram account, but the policy was vilified by League fans on Reddit and elsewhere. Klein was one of the Riot employees who spoke up in defense of the PAX West decision and explained it to Redditors who voiced their criticism. The rift between Klein and League players widened as he called some of them "manbabies" in statements.