Sunday September 09, 2018

Google Slammed for Chrome Change That Strips Out "WWW" from Domains

Google Chrome developers advised they would wait until Fall or Spring to disclose how they would "kill" URLs, but it appears the endeavor has already begun: users have found that the latest build, Chrome 69, hides the "WWW" and "M" subdomains in the address bar. Bleeping Computer has instructions on how to restore what Google insists is "trivial."

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"This is a dumb change. No part of a domain should be considered 'trivial'. As an ISP, we often have to go to great lengths to teach users that '' and '' are two different domains, and that they may not necessarily go to the same destination. The marketing world has done a lot of damage convincing people that 'www' is both ubiquitous and non-essential, when in fact, for some domains, the use or lack of it can be quite important to getting to the correct location."