Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Sunday September 09, 2018

Gamer Asks Insomniac to Add Marriage Proposal to "Spider-Man," Gets Dumped

YouTube vlogger and Twitch streamer Tyler Schultz had formulated a novel idea for proposing to his girlfriend with an Easter egg in Insomniac Games’ upcoming open-world "Spider-Man" game. The developer obliged, setting up a movie-theater marquee with, "Maddie, Will You Marry Me?" Sadly, the event didn’t turn out to be heartwarming: Schultz’s girlfriend ended up dumping him for his brother just before the game was released. Art Director Jacinda Chew is taking suggestions on what her team should change the text to.

"The thing that sucks about this Easter egg is the date that I'm making this video now, three, four weeks ago, my girlfriend dumped me to go with my brother. Basically throwing away the five years that we had together and spitting in my face basically, saying this isn't even the way she wanted to be proposed to, and left me. This might go down in history as the saddest Easter egg. Maybe, I don't know."