Sunday September 09, 2018

Chinese Carrier: "iPhone XS" & "iPhone XC" Are the 2018 iPhone Lineup Names

According to a leaked slide from China Mobile, Apple’s new iPhones will be named the "XS" and "XC": the former is reserved for the higher-end, OLED-fitted models, while the latter will be the cheaper LCD type. The company has used "C" to designate their less-expensive options before (e.g., 2013’s iPhone 5c), so this report could be accurate. (The larger OLED model will carry the "Plus" moniker.)

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Pricing in China is listed, with the OLED 5.8-inch "iPhone XS" retailing for 7388 Yuan ($1079), and the "iPhone XS Plus" selling for 8388 Yuan ($1225). The LCD "iPhone XC" is said to retail for 5888 yuan, equivalent to $860. However, all of the prices include China-mandated sales tax, pegging pricing at about $1000 for the "iPhone XS Plus." While not much has been said about it lately, the LCD model has been rumored to be available in different colors.