Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday September 05, 2018

New DOOM Movie News

If you were worried about not being able to get to the theater on opening night to see the new DOOM movie, have no fear. DOOM will be going straight to DVD, which of course means it will be available digitally, immediately. It also seems that the original DOOM and DOOM 2016's shining star and final boss, the "Spiderdemon," will not be making an appearance. Also, we are fairly sure that the correct name is "Spider Mastermind," but that seems to be up for debate.

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Doom is getting a new movie reboot due to arrive in 2019, starring Amy Manson and directed by Tony Giglio. The movie seems to be heading direct to DVD, and while little is known about the storyline, it has been confirmed Hell will figure into the plot. In a new comment on his Twitter account, director Giglio has also confirmed that despite wanting to include the famous Spiderdemon monster, it sadly had to be cut.