Sunday September 02, 2018

Intel’s "Processor Supply Shortfall" Could Mean i9-9900K Being Delayed to 2019

PCGamesN has a hunch that a paper launch is likely for Intel’s upcoming 9th-generation processors. Leaning on a DigiTimes article hinting at tight supplies, the author points out that Intel’s 14nm lines are probably inundated due to the delay of its 10nm process. With so many products still on 14nm silicon, the author warns that an i9-9000K may not even hit shelves until 2019.

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...with the release of the rest of the 300-series chipsets on 14nm, and the upcoming Z390 motherboards also on the same node, there is increasingly more pressure being put on the production of 14nm silicon. Intel has already halted production of one entire chipset range because of it. And that’s going to have some serious consequences for the PC market in the second half of this year.