Friday August 31, 2018

China Wants to Regulate Games to Combat Myopia

China has the largest video game market in the world, but the Chinese Government is clamping down on the booming industry. Just a few weeks ago, the government stopped approving new video game licenses. Yesterday, the Ministry of Education outlined a new set of regulations intended to fight myopia in children and adolescents. While the announcement doesn't elaborate on how video games affect children's eyesight, it does say that regulators want to limit the total number of online games, implement a stronger age restriction system, and and limit the amount of time children spend playing games. Following the announcement, gaming giant Tencent lost billions in market value, and analysts say that the censorship and regulation will continue.

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"But in the bigger picture, this is in line with China's policy of putting a stronger clamp on gaming," Leung said, adding that the trend is likely to continue for "at least" the next two quarters.