Thursday August 30, 2018

Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti Versus GTX 1080 Ti Benchmarks Are Out

According to Turkish tech website PC Hoc TV, they have conducted testing on the new Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti and compared it to an Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti at 4K resolutions. They experienced a 20% - 25% uplift in performance from the RTX 2080 Ti upgrade. Of course we don't know which driver version they were running during the testing and remember that Kyle said "If you are seeing any benchmarks between now and the ~20th (we think the 2080 launch and 2080 Ti launch will be split on different days possibly), you are likely not seeing cards benchmarked with its launch driver. So keep that in the back of your mind as you see performance leaks come forward."

Tested on the system with 7700K processor, the RTX 2080 Ti showed 20% - 25% more performance than the 1080 Ti display card. NOTE: The test has been performed at 4K resolution, so the data is eliminated in this way. Test System: GPU: RTX 2080 Ti CPU: Intel i7 7700K Windows Version: Windows 10 RAM: 16 GB 3200 MHz.