Thursday August 30, 2018

Intel Reaffirms Interest in Adaptive Sync Technology

Chris Hook, head of Discrete Graphics and Visual Technologies Marketing at Intel has confirmed to a Redditor via Twitter that Intel still has an interest in Adaptive Sync technology. This means that the Windows switchable graphics feature that allows an Nvidia GPU's frame buffer to copied to an AMD APU to enable AMD FreeSync technology on a compatible display connected to the APU, could have far-reaching implications if Intel enables Adaptive Sync technology on their CPUs.

Samsung has recently announced that some of their 2018 television models have built-in FreeSync support. The 55" and larger Samsung NU8000 series TVs with FreeSync / Adaptive Sync support start at only $897.99 on Amazon and are a bit cheaper than the rumored Nvidia BFGD G-SYNC monitors that will cost up to $5,800.

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Fan asks, "So back in 2015, at IDF some intel folks told TechReport that Adaptive Sync would be supported, I assume that was with Gen 10/11 GPU, but ever since then we haven't heard anything. Is that still going to be happening?"

Chris Hook replied, "I'm a huge fan of Adaptive Sync"