Thursday August 30, 2018

Cascade Lake at Heart of 2019 TACC Supercomputer

The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) has decided to go with Cascade Lake CPUs for their new supercomputer. This supercomputer will have computing power of 35 to 40 petaflops and should place it in the top five of the most powerful supercomputers. They decided to go with the Intel CPUs over their AMD counterparts because of the higher clock rates and most codes are expected to run faster on Intel. With that said, I suspect execution of faster code is most likely because of AVX-512 instructions. Further, other factors that led to this decision was price, schedule, and best value at this time. Anyway, all is not lost on the AMD front because TACC believes the new Rome chips from AMD are going to be good. Maybe AMD will start winning some of these supercomputer deals when Rome hits the street next year.

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"We took a look at AMD Epyc, both Naples and certainly Rome, but with the combination of price, schedules, and performance, we felt like Cascade Lake was the way to get the best value right now. Our codes were just a little better for the time we needed this system but Rome is a promising architecture and we expect it is going to be a very good chip," Stanzione explained.