Thursday August 30, 2018

Battlefield 5 Has Been Delayed By a Month

EA is delaying the Battlefield 5 release by a month and it will now be available on November 20th. They say this delay is because the core gameplay needs to be adjusted. Gameplay tempo, soldier visibility, and player friction are the areas they are looking into. I have to agree on the soldier visibility thing because I've had a hard time seeing the opposing players in many of the gameplay videos. Check out this video NVIDIA released yesterday of gameplay with RTX turned on (running at 60 FPS) and I think you'll agree some of the players are hard to make out. At least that's what my old man eyes think.

The post reaffirms, however, that EA and DICE have settled on a later launch date to "get it right". As well as core gameplay, it seems that there are some concerns that the current build doesn't fully deliver on the "potential" of Tides of War, a live service intended to replace the previous system of Premium Passes and expansion packs with an "evolving journey" that will grow over time.